Meet the man who originally founded Prospect Refrigerated Transport.

Peter Evenden

Founder and Managing Director

Starting out in the early 1980s with just one refrigerated truck, Peter Evenden’s business grew along with his reputation for integrity and reliability in the demanding and highly-competitive temperature-controlled freight market.

“I didn’t begin with the idea of building a refrigerated transport empire,” chuckles Peter today. “But in the very early days of my career as a professional driver, I was delivering shipping containers full of vegetables for Edgell’s and McCain’s – using my own prime mover, picking up containers from the wharves, straight off the ship from Tasmania – the way it was done in those days. It wasn’t long before I decided to get my own refrigerated truck, and made a personal commitment to serving the specific needs of chilled-freight customers. Edgell’s became my very first refrigerated delivery contract,” Peter said.

“One satisfied contact from one company would refer me to another company, and so it went on. As the years went by, the business grew and grew, and I found myself buying more refrigerated trucks and recruiting more good drivers to keep up with demand.”

“A growing refrigerated transport business called for a management structure and operations, administration, and customer service staff. Everything runs smoothly with a great team, computerised management systems, and capable managers, but I’ve never really thought about stepping away from the business. I’m still putting myself on the line with our customers and backing our company’s commitments every day.”

“If an offspring of mine ever wants to get into this industry, I would only encourage them if they had the heart for it. It’s the personal relationships that make all the difference in the freight market. Knowing you can trust someone and rely on them is what really counts. If there is a main ingredient in the recipe for our company’s success, this would definitely have to be it.”

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